The Feedback (r)Evolution – Release the Power of Feedback

Av Catarina Kentell och Catharina Wöhlecke-Haglund
ISBN 978-91-987443-9-2
96 sidor
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Catarina Kentell and Catharina Wöhlecke-Haglund are both consultants in the fields of leadership development and team development. They’ve been working with group dynamics, leadership, coaching, conflict management, and change management for more than 25 years. 

With this book, they hope to trigger a revolution and evolution that can release the power of feedback. Join the (r)Evolution and enjoy fruitful relationships and effective actions!

“This is an important book that clarifies what feedback really is. It gives real-world examples, and will inspire thought and action alike.” 
Monica Höglind, HR Director, Samhall

“Honestly, this is the best book I’ve ever read about feedback. It’s easy to read, with a personal touch, it provides clear examples, and it never gets preachy. This book will give you the inspiration, courage, and knowledge you need to get good at feedback.”
Katarina Wallin, Chair of the Board, Evidensgruppen

“The power of giving and receiving feedback is magical, and can make an incredible difference, for others as well as for yourself. Like most things, it requires knowledge, understanding, and practice. This book is full of hands-on, practical tips that will help you master feedback”
Marie Hallander Larsson, HR Director, Akademiska Hus